Areas of Competition

Our nationals will offer both natural and glitz competitions. Please follow below requirements for all events.
Natural: A natural contestant CANNOT wear makeup (clear lipgloss and light mascara allowed), NO false lashes, false hair, false nails, flippers, or spray tan. There are no clothing restrictions for Natural contestants.  
Glitz: A glitz contestant CAN wear makeup, false lashes, false hair, false nails, flippers, and spray tan. There are no clothing restrictions for any onstage events. Glitz contestants can turn in retouched photographs.  

​​ Angel age divisions

0-11 months; Natural or Glitz
1 Year; Natural or Glitz
2 Year; Natural or Glitz
3-4 Years; Natural or Glitz
5-6 Years; Natural or Glitz
7-8 Years; Natural or Glitz
9-10 Years; Natural or Glitz
11-12 Years; Natural or Glitz
13-15 Years; Natural or Glitz
16 and up; Natural or Glitz
0-2 Years
3-5 Years
6 and up

No fall backs. Contestant competes as age he/she is the day of the competition. 

Pageant Events 

Beauty: Beauty is a mandatory onstage event. Contestant will do a beauty walk across a T shaped stage. Time limit is 1 minute and 30 seconds. Contestants 9 years and up will have the option to do an introduction about themselves onstage. Please follow above hair/makeup rules for Natural. There are no limitations for Glitz contestants. There are no clothing restictions for natural or glitz. Attire is not judged. Only time attire plays a role is when picking best dressed winner in each age group. 

Theme wear: TBA

Photo: One Photo is included in your supreme package for free to be judged toward your supreme score. You may enter more photos for an additional fee. Judges will select one photo from your submissions to judge. We will also have double crowned photo supremes that you may enter for an additional fee. 

Optional OOC:  Wear your favorite Outfit of your choice. This is an Optional event which is used as a replacement score if its score is higher than your photo or runway wear score. This event also qualifies you for another set of supreme titles. Time limit is one minute and 30 seconds. You may bring your own music or pick from our music list at registration. 
Optional Talent: Show off your talent to the judges! This is an optional event, Double crowned titles! 2 minute time limit.